Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Still remembering to breathe.

Far away girl with those hunter eyes
All dressed up in that hippie attire

Round those parts you fit right in
Beneath the rain filled sky.

Your color is green and I see it in your eyes
But a colorful flame dances above

Set free from bounds and chains
You carry yourself so well

A woman such as yourself sees the beauty
And you could make a man go crazy

You gaze as the ocean, grey and serene
Trouble is in the white caps, stay warm on the beach

Milky skin and lovers hands you have
My favorite memory? You in the California sun

So stay and blossom, find yourself again
Shed the layers, one can only imagine

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dreaming. Again.

I dreamt about you.
I dreamt about how you loved me.
I dreamt about how you embraced me.
I dreamt about how you made me yours.

I saw your smile.
I felt your touch.
I tasted your kiss.
I heard your voice.
I smelled your perfume.

And when I awoke in the morning,
I tried to force myself back to slumber.
Because another day in this reality,
Will never compare to my perfect dream.