Friday, June 23, 2017

Its the small things

It’s the long drives when you realize it.
In between the songs playing
Right when the windows are down
And her hair is floating in the air
You feel it deep inside you
That feeling of not wanting to lose her

By the pool

It was by the pool felt it, as I looked into the rippled water
Not the cool, crisp lager splashing down my throat
Maybe it was the warm sunset on my skin?
Or even the soft pleasant breeze.
1920s blues played through the speakers. I absolutely loved her voice
“Fuckin California…” I sighed with a smile.
“Don’t forget this moment in time.”
These are the memories that make life great.

The woman

Fires crackle and make the embers dance effortlessly

Waves crash into the solid rock walls then retreat back to the ocean

Storms growl in the distance and the smell of rain permeates around you

Women who love, dance effortlessly with your heart then crash into you smelling of something sweet and delicious.

Fires burn when touched

Waves drown when you let go

Storms do damage if you are not prepared

And women, ah yes women, they do something way worse than all combined.

She’s the fire of my heart.

I’m lost at sea in her eyes

The storm of her smile simply kills me

The woman. One woman. Is fucking enough for a life of adventures.