Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Is Me

No words on paper could express the emotion that course through my soul. I only have a feeble attempt at writing words that somehow the reader can connect,  or reason with.  I need you to know who I am. I need it "on paper" so I know who I am.  Deep, deep breath.  
This is me.

Deep inside of my being, I have questions of the soul.
I know what love is and that IS inside of me.
I have a sense adventure and curiosity.
I am strong and agile.
I  am quick to learn and understand complex thought or ideas. 
I laugh and appreciate a dry or quick witted joke.
I am sensitive to people's needs and feeling's.
I care.
I consider.
I am ferociously loyal.
I am gentle.
I can reason and love sound logic.
I am a free spirit.
I can listen.
I am polite.

 No, no, no. This is only a Part of me.