Sunday, July 26, 2015


The feeling when alone at night. It's late. Very late. And dark. Very dark. 
The steps you hear that shouldn't be there. The emotion inside starts in your stomach. What to do? Scream? Cry? What? 
The creaking of the wooden floorboards below, let you know exactly where it is.  It's 3 AM  and you freeze. The silence is deafening. You hear your heartbeat in your ears. Not breathing. You realize you havnt taken a breath in ages. 
Another creak. Again your heart drops.  Crazy how this every day sound has become a nightmare. 
Then silence. You wait. It feels like hours but has only been minutes.  Courage builds inside. You step closer to the stairs. You watch the blackness. Nothing can be seen. No audible noise is heard. Only the voice of panic in your mind.
You wait longer. Nothing. Courage builds. It's been awhile now and you have to know. Downstairs you go to find nothing. Nothing is out of place. Nothing is there. You're alone. You are completely alone. The ominous sensation  fills the air as it becomes clear that you can't even trust yourself. What was it. The odd feeling lingers.