Friday, March 20, 2015

To the Stars

I want to go
And leave this place
For awhile now its been
I contemplate
The stars and space
And secrets held within.

Alone, I feel
Alone, I am
I ask myself, "how so?"
Above the sun
Above the moon
Im yearning to let go.

The mysteries of
The universe
Have always made me fear
Not in control
Is hard for me
But best for one, I hear.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


One thing that has always frustrated me in my adult life, and even to some extent in my teenage years; is that I hate feeling like I am the one in a friendship who has to keep it going. What I mean by that is, I feel that with my friends in my life, I am the one who works for it. I send the texts, I make the calls, I ask to spend time together. There are only a very select few, who I feel show any interest in being a true friend. Some of my "friends" that I consider my good friends, I don't know if I would even have a relationship with them if it wasn't for  me  reaching out to them frequently.  I feel that if I were to just stop calling or texting or messaging on Facebook, it would be a long while for the majority of my buddies to reach out to me.

Relationships are hard and I don't know, maybe I just suck at them. I know that I can say I try. I think that matters.